Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sexy Eevee Cyril!!!!

It was my first day in becoming a Pokemon trainer. I know trainers usually start younger, but I knew it was time for a career change. I got my bat out from the closet, and set off to a field of tall grass. I must of killed about a thousand Bidoofs and these purple rats! I was about to give up when I found it!!!! It was non other than a sparkling ultra rare Sexy Eevee Cyril! I couldn't believe my Asian eyes. Lucky for me it was sleeping like a skank all topless, and with a smile. Here's a pic.

Ewwww, it was just sleeping there like a skank!

The minute it saw my huge bat it just gave up and went into bottom mode. 
I had no other choice, but to make this so called "Sexy Eevee Cyril" my 1st Pokemon. I truly wish it will evolve into something much more sexy. The only moves that he knows now are sexual moves. No idea where he had learned all these moves, but I will put them all to use in battle. At the moment he knows the moves, Seduction, Sexy Slumber, Anal Assault and Tease. I will just have to keep putting evolution stones up his Pokemon butt to hurry up the process. I got about 7 in there, but I know I can get a few more in. I just have to believe and Eevee just has to stretch. After hours of nothing working I knew there was nothing else to do, but to have a photo-shoot!!

I made the exact same face when he 1st appeared.

He must of killed another Eevee to make his scarf.

Getting too confident. I might have to beat him more.

Shhhh, don't wake daddy!

Ready for his 1st client! (Allen)

Starting to get all bitchy just because I feed him grounded up Oddishes.

He though he found another of his kind, and tried to mate with the mirror.
I pray every night that he will become more useful in battles, but he just ends up mating with them :( but only with the male Pokemon! I guess that's a good thing as the offspring would be a crime against nature. I hear that there are more Sexy Pokemon that are running wild across the globe. I will be the 1st and only sexy Pokemon trainer. My dream is to open up a gym where only sexy Pokemon will battle. Sexy Gym Leader Richard has been born! I will update with more sexy Pokemon that are caught.

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